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Activities of Research Now

The activities of Research Now can be split into two different areas, the recruitment of panels of individuals willing to take part in a wide variety of surveys and the sale of research services.

Research Now is in the process of recruiting panels in many different countries in the world. Data are collected from individuals and sent to the UK where the databases are held. Research Now collects basic information from all those registering to become panellists which is used to identify which individuals will be suitable for specific survey projects.

Research Now sells research services to a variety of topics for other research organisations and commercial undertakings. Clients give Research Now a specification setting out the information that they wish to collect and the types of individuals from whom Research Now should seek answers. The specification will include matters such as age, ethnic background, qualifications and occupation. Research Now then develops an appropriate survey with the client, selects appropriate individuals from its database meeting the specification and then invites those individuals to participate in the online survey.

Research Now will then either provide raw anonymised data to the client or a Report providing the information that was initially requested.

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