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The Guy Fawkes tradition brings bonfires and fireworks to the UK in November


Bonfire night is a long running tradition in the UK and is a fun night for all the family.

Traditionally most firework nights take place in the UK on New Year's Eve or during the month of November.

There are few things nicer than huddling around a flaming bonfire with your loved ones on a cold dark night and enjoying a beautiful fireworks display. Most firework displays in the UK during November fall on the 5th of November, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night.

The Guy Fawkes tradition began back in 1605, when the man in question and several accomplices hatched a Gunpowder Plot to blow up the houses of parliament in London. The plot failed and Fawkes was arrested, yet each year bonfires are lit up and down the country, along with displays of fireworks to commemorate the day.

On 5th of November each year, fireworks displays are planned across the UK, with the  biggest shows in London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Leeds, although many small towns also hold family friendly bonfires at the local social club or sports field.

The night has become  popular with families and kids who love to watch the colourful displays light up the winter sky. Results from paid surveys show males are slightly more likely to watch fireworks at home whilst females are more likely to attend displays. The intention to attend fireworks displays also decreases as age increases. Wrapping up warm is an essential part of enjoying the event and many people even take along their own sparklers to make pretty shapes with in the night.

In London, the fireworks display over the Thames River is lit up by half a tonne of explosives, and another massive display takes place at Blackheath. The fireworks in Glasgow are set to a musical soundtrack and held on Glasgow Green..

With the amount of displays each year, fireworks safety is taken very seriously, and each year the government releases guidelines to keep the public safe. Tips include taking care near the bonfire; not wearing flammable clothing and never approaching a firework that hasn't gone off. Animals should also be looked after on 5th November, since loud bangs can frighten them so keep your pets indoors and preferably supervised. Check out government websites for more safety information.

If you would like to see a fireworks display in your area, check local community newspapers or get in touch with your local council.