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Canadian Summer Festivals


All summer long, Canadian cities host a series of exciting festivals that attract audiences from all over the world.

While planning your next holiday, take a look at what your destination has to offer and if there are any special events taking place while you’ll be there. Canada is well known for its long list of impressive world renowned festivals, and cities all over the country come alive each summer - attracting thousands of people to come and take part in one of their many festivals.

The fact that festivals take place over the course of the Canadian summer is no coincidence. The beautiful warm weather attracts tourists to Canadian cities and the long hours of daylight help visitors to make the most of each day and enjoy the many attractions. The unique range of festivals on offer over the course of the summer ensures that there’s something for everyone, and there are a few festivals in particular that when surveyed, are most popular among men and women.  

Toronto, Canada’s busiest city, is a hub of activity during the summer months playing host to several of the most popular festivals in the country. Survey results show that The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Caribana are two of the most recognized and popular events taking place over the summer and after attending it’s not difficult to see why. Visitors and locals alike are drawn to each festival for its vibrant displays of culture from Canada and around the world.

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is one summertime festival which is particularly popular with both locals and tourists and each July artists display their works at the juried art show. Centrally located, the TOAE is held right in the heart of the city at the iconic Nathan Philips Square where visitors are invited to walk through the outdoor gallery and view the exciting new works of both established artists and young up-and-comers.

Montreal, Toronto’s French counterpart, also hosts some of the best summer festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival and Les Franco Folies, a French music festival in downtown Montreal showcasing some of the best French performers in the world.  The Jazz Festival attracts large crowds of music enthusiasts who enjoy the sweet sounds of jazz against the backdrop of a beautiful city.  

If the results of Canadian survey are anything to go by, then the locals are already very excited about the prospect of each of these festivals. If you’re planning on visiting Canada over the summer, why not take some time to plan which festivals and events you want to visit the most!