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  • 25.06.2014

    The Tour De France has seen a major popularity boost in the UK since Bradley Wiggins became the first British winner of the famous cycling race back in 2012. Our sudden rise in cycling has been gaining momentum for a few years, and was mirrored by the Team GB cycling team who took 12 medals during t


  • 24.06.2014

    The Tour De France is the most famous road cycling race in the world and is held for three weeks every summer in separate stages in France and around Europe. The event has become hugely popular all over the continent, with many different teams competing against each other to win one of the famous je


  • 23.06.2014

    As summer is fast approaching, preparations for the UK’s festival season are well under-way. This year, there will be more festivals held around the country than ever before with each one offering a different selection of music and activities.

    Posted: Entertainment and sport

  • 05.06.2014

    Britain is a nation that is known for its rich variety of things to see and do, with plenty of cultural activities and attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy! From visiting museums to attending the opera and much more, there’s something for everyone from all walks of life. But which is Brit