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  • 23.03.2015

    Europe is home to many of the best football teams in the world. The amount that play in the continent’s various leagues is staggering. From the global brand of Manchester United through to German stalwarts Bayern Munich and many more, the quality of football is sensational. There are many contenders


  • 20.03.2015

    The UEFA Champions League is possibly the finest football competition at club level in Europe. The contest dominates the European scene as the leading teams from across the continent battle it out to see who will be crowned as the champions of Europe. Who do you think will take the top spot this yea

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  • 02.02.2015

    As February heralds the arrival of platters of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday so too does it mean that Lent will soon begin. Many people in Britain, as many as 1-in-5 according to figures published in 2012, observe this essentially Christian season of reflection and pre-Easter preparations. Tradition

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  • 29.01.2015

    Rugby fans across the UK are getting ready to join the scrum for a place at stadiums and on sofas as the RBS 6 Nations Championship approaches. However, rugby certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, no matter how action packed the sport is. Others prefer the flair and skill of football, or the break

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