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  • 24.06.2015

    Whilst tea remains the most popular hot drink in the UK – around 165 million cups of tea are consumed by Britons everyday –coffee and other hot beverages are quickly catching up on the British staple.

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  • 23.06.2015

    Due to the heavy control over whom and who did not have the right to print, the original growth of newspapers in Britain was slow. In fact, the first newspaper, or periodical, to be written in English was actually published in Amsterdam, but as control over printing in Britain relaxed, English paper

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  • 22.06.2015

    The Eurovision Song Contest has seen some fantastic performances over the years, and a great deal of controversy along the lines of political voting and even rigged victories

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  • 19.06.2015

    After another disappointing showing at the Eurovision Song Contest, Britons can be heard repeating the same old refrain of ‘we never win Eurovision’. Even veteran announcer, Terry Wogan, has said that he fears that Britain will never win Eurovision again .

    Posted: Entertainment and sport