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Membership Makes It Easy To Have Your Say And Earn Gift Cards


Keen to have your say on the latest products and services? We’re here to make membership of Valued Opinions™ a hassle-free, enjoyable and rewarding way to get involved in market research surveys.

We have made becoming a member as simple as we possibly can, in fact, the registration process is so straightforward it should only take you 5 minutes or so. All you need do is follow three easy steps:

1. Complete the registration form by supplying some basic information about yourself

2. Click submit

3. Activate your account

A survey will already be waiting for you upon activation and you’ll begin to appreciate all the benefits of being a member.


Rewards And Gift Cards From Valued Opinions™

Your views are highly sought after by companies throughout the world and we want you to share them. You will receive regular invitations to take part in online surveys on products, services and issues that really interest you – wildlife, motoring, politics, food, sport…you name it, there’ll always be a survey that’ll catch your eye and help you collect rewards for gift cards and vouchers .

For every survey you complete, you’ll earn between £0.50 and £5. So the more surveys you take the more rewards you’ll collect. Before you know it you could have accumulated enough to exchange for fantastic gift cards and vouchers to spend with some of the UK’s leading brands and retailers, including, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Argos, and many more.

Plus, if you’re feeling generous, you can even choose to donate your rewards to a charity like the Red Cross or World Wildlife Federation Fund.

But membership isn’t just about earning gift cards, it’s also about being part of a vibrant community. Your input will make a valuable contribution to market research that can genuinely improve the products and services we make use of in our day to day lives. And that’s a really worthwhile thing to do.